Welcome to my website

Here you’ll have the opportunity to learn about my work as a singer, pianist, and visual artist.

I present a brief history of cabaret music – with its satire and political courage – as well as some tips for vocal care and singing.

Additionally, you can listen to clips of some songs from my CD Cabaret Sauvignon, make purchases of music and art, and contact me for information about performances. I also offer private piano and singing lessons to aspiring performers looking to find and harness their voice.

I consider song to be one of the most evocative of human expressions. For example, the image of a mother singing lullabies to her baby to soothe. Alternatively, of laborers, soldiers or prisoners pouring out rhythmic call and response chants in order to find strength to endure. Of slaves creating songs to claim their humanity denied them by their masters. And of course, you and I singing to bring pleasure and beauty…

And isn’t visual art that music for our eyes?

I invite you to explore my art and music and inquire if you believe I could add beauty to your life with a live performance or an original piece of artwork.

“If you ask me what I came to do in this world, I, an artist, will answer you:  I am here to live out loud.”  Émile Zola

“If you walk you can dance.  If you talk, you can sing.”  Zimbabwe Proverb

cut in black and white and color by artist Patricia Baxter Wright

Hut in Black and White And Color
14 1/2 in x 11 1/2 in